Providing non surgical aesthetic treatments in Wrexham & Chester

Innova Aesthetics aims to provide clients with aesthetic treatments specifically tailored to their needs. 

Here are Innova, we understand cosmetic treatments can be daunting. We provide the most comfortable and confidential service in the Wrexham and Chester area by providing treatments from our countryside clinic or from the comfort of your own home.


About us

Anwen is a qualified aesthetic practitioner with over 20 years

experience working in the field.  In 2017 Anwen

completed her training and has been providing her

unique service to clients ever since.

Last year, Anwen re-decorated her outhouse set in the Welsh countryside so that her clients could have the option to have their treatments in a relaxing environment.

With her client base being made of many first timers, Anwen provides honest pre-treatment consultations to ensure results are subtle but effective. 




1 Area - £100

2 Area's - £120

3 Area's - £140


£150 per ml

Lip Filler

0.5ml - £100

1ml - £150

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